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Conference Benefits

Why should you attend TMAC?


The TMAC conference is your opportunity to:

  1. Network with top-notch Canadian travel professionals.

  2. Gather information and tools for future opportunities.

  3. Exchange ideas and expertise.

  4. Develop new partnerships.

  5. Connect with those who influence media most.


And, Québec City is a fabulous destination to visit!



What does it cost to attend the conference?


Registration Fee:
$1,155 for one representative; one appointment schedule*
Hotel (4 nights):
Rates starting at $139
Rates starting at $184
Average airfare from Toronto = $400
Average airfare from Toronto = $400
Approximately $1,116
Approximately $2,291

*Other registration types and rates available.


Registration for the TMAC 2017 TMAC conference includes in conference meals, activities, professional development, and the most important business component to the conference, a schedule of appointments to the media marketplace.